in the year of the Hegira; since the Hegira (A.D. 622).
[ < NL anno Hejirae]

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ah «ah», interjection, noun, plural ah's or ahs.
an exclamation of pain, sorrow, regret, pity, admiration, surprise, joy, dislike, or contempt. The meaning of ah varies according to the way it is spoken.
the interjection or exclamation ah.
[perhaps < Old French ah]
ampere-hour or ampere-hours.
in the year of the Hegira, which was, in the Christian reckoning, A.D. 622 (Latin, anno Hegirae).

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AH 7 (BrE) (US A.H.) [ˌeɪ ˈeɪtʃ] [ˌeɪ ˈeɪtʃ] abbreviation
used in the Muslim ↑calendar to show a particular number of years since the year when Muhammad left Mecca in AD 622 (from Latin Anno Hegirae )

a Koran dated 556 AH

compare AD, BC, BCE, CE
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